Balanced Power Cord


Balanced Power Cord BP-200



Noise Deduction:




Transformer Power Converter

Pure Solid Copper Wires


8 ft

11 lb


The BP-200 is the latest product of Hyperion Sound Design. All Hyperion electronic equipments are designed with the concept of balance in mind. The Power Converter of BP-200 divides the regular 120-volts AC power to +60 volts to ground for one terminal and -60 volts to ground for the other. The two output terminals are 180 degrees out of phase and canceled each other out with respect to ground line in the middle. Furthermore, BP-200 is equipped with EMI / RFI filters at both ends of the power cord to eliminate noise and to purify output power. An audio system with BP-200 may achieve -15dB noise reduction, which dramatically enhances the sound signal. With our extra power capacity design, it is also the answer to humming sound problems in many tube equipments.

Special Features:
1. Solid aluminum milled block casing filled with epoxy injection to isolate any possible vibration.
2. Extra power capacity design for tube amplifiers to minimize the humming sound.
3. EMI / RFI filters for input power purification.
4. Silent Operation.
5. Minimum welding points.