Testimony from the professional

Here was sweetness and power, all cooked into a fine sonic stew, keeping all listeners on the edge of their seats.

— Nelson Brill, The Stereo Times

This Hyperion display combined exceptional build quality, pricing and performance, with the custom Plexiglas tops of the components proudly showcasing their innards.

— Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.com

While i normally do not comment on the sound of a system at shows……., the sound was fast, clean, and tonally very enjoyable. Hmmm…

— Steven Rochlin, enjoythemusic.com

Het midden en hoog is transparant, vloeiend en homogeen zonder enige vorm van stress of agressie…….

— Philip van Deijk, hifi.nl

These “Spiderless” drivers produce midrange and bass
of unusual purity, giving the Hyperion 938 wonderful
transparency and holographic imaging.

—- Chris Martens, Absolute Sound, April/May 2004, issue # 147

great sounding products at a competitive price

— Jeff Day, Audio Asylum

The Hyperion replaces my Wilsons.

— Rich Cousins, Hyperion Customer