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Blue Moon  award for HPS-968. for the review. 2006 Most Wanted Components, HT88 1st award, the BLUEMOON AWARD, HE 2007 in NYC Show Reports The 2005 Editor’s Choice, The Absolute Sound DECADE AWARD, 2005 Most Wanted Components Publisher’s Choice, Home Entertainment 2005 Show Report, HE 2005 Gallery Two, HE 2005 Pages 1-9, Stereophile Show Home Entertainment 2005, The CES 2005 Jimmy Awards, CES 2005 Show Report, CES 2005,

Ownership experience with Hyperion

Reviews of HPS-968

HWS-586 Review

The Hyperion Sound Design HT-88 amplifiers offer deep, hard-hitting bass along with open, detailed midrange and high frequencies…..At $2800 per pair, the HT-88s are hardly cheap, but I haven’t heard another amp in the same price and power ranges that sounds as good., by Vade Forrester,

Should the competition worry? That’ll we find out next… by Srajan Ebaen,

HPS-906 review — by Jo Mullers, HomeStudio

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HWS-586 review, by David Abramson,

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