HPS-938  /  HPS-938W

Frequency Response:
30 Hz to 22k Hz
90 dB
6 ohms, 3.8 ohms Minimum
Power Requirement:
10 W Minimum, 200 W Maximum
8” P.P. Graphite S.V.F. Woofer x 2
Midrange: 6-1/2” Carbon Fiber, S.V.F. M.F.D.S. Driver
1” Silk Dome, Copper Short Horn Type
230 Hz, 3k Hz
Black Piano High Gloss (HPS-938)
Birdeye Maple (HPS-938W)
Dimensions: Upper Cabinet  H390 x W300 x D365
Lower Cabinet  H650 x W300 x D465
Weight: Upper Cabinet  25.3 lb (Unpacked)  30.8 lbs(Packed)
Lower Cabinet  63.8 lb (Unpacked)  70.4 lbs (Packed)
Hyperion’s unique driver research has led to the cabinet design for the first HPS 906 nearly a decade ago.  The duo-cabinet design was created for our full-range 3-way speaker HPS-938.  HPS-938 design was completed in 2003, which includes all the features of Hyperion speaker design.  With a dedicated cabinet for the bass and all the qualities of HPS-906, the HPS 938 simply has elevated the HPS series to an astonishing new level.  Two 8″ S.V.F. woofers are used instead of a larger size woofer for the bass speed, resolution, coherence and impact.  The New HPS-938 is our answer to a new level of audio experience.