HT-845 Pure Class A Tube Power Amplifier
Type: Pure Class A, Single Ended
Electric Rating:
110V / 220V, 200W, 60 Hz

Input: RCA X 1

Output: 25W

Output stage: Speaker Post x 4 (16 / 8 / 4 Ohms)
Power output:
Frequency range:
S/N Ratio: >=88dB
Distortion: 0.6%

Dimension: 340 X 340 X 200 mm
Net Weight:
The HT-845 is a pure class A with tube regulated power supply tube amplifier, which produces 25 watt output continuous into 16/8/4 Ohms. It is a step up model of HT-88. For those who like the sound and power of 845, HT-845 is a great choice.

Special Features:

1. Pure Class A single ended
2. High current solid state rectifier for fast transients
3. 6SL7 input, 6V6 driver, 845 output
4. Auto biasing
5. DC filament for low noise
6. Premium parts – Mundorf Supreme coupling capacitors and PIO bypass capacitors
7. Point to point hardwiring with CAD optimization for shortest circuit path
8. Choke filter in power supply
9. Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 40kHz
10. 25W Output