BEC-P25T Pure Tube Pre-amplifier

Electric Rating: 110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz
Type: Pure Class A Tube Pre-amplifier
12AX7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2
Input: Unbalance RCA x 5
Output: Unbalance RCA x 2
Output Voltage: 4 V
Power supply: Dual Mono
Power Consumption: 50W
S/N Ratio: > 100 dB
Frequency range: 5 Hz ~ 200k Hz
Distortion: < 0.003 %
Dimension: 373 x 450 x 102 mm
Net Weight: 22 lbs
Special Features:

  1. Pure Class A, full tube gain circuitry.
  2. Regulated power supplies with a total of six high and low-voltage regulators.
  3. Chokes in power supply for power purification instead of music killing capacitors.
  4. High-energy storage plate supply.
  5. Full dual mono construction from the power supply to audio circuits.
  6. Individually regulated DC supply for each tube for super low noise operation.
  7. High bandwidth tube design for modern sources such as DVD Audio and SACD playbacks.
  8. Highly damped chassis for resonance control and RF/EMI pickup.
  9. Isolated precision tracking analog volume control circuitry for the shortest signal path and the most accurate volume control.
  10. High performance input-selection relays allowing short audio paths.
  11. Dual low-impedance main outputs allow the simultaneous driving of 2 power amplifiers for bi-amping purposes.