HT-88 Pure Class A Tube Power Amplifier 

Electric Rating: 110V / 220V, 200W, 60 Hz

Type: Pure Class A
Input: Unbalance RCA x 1
Output: Speaker Post x 4 (16 / 8 / 4 Ohms)
Output Stage: Parallel single ended, triode mode
(Plate voltage: 390V, 80mA bias current)
Rectification: Paralleled 5Z4 for higher current handling
Power Output: 18 W
S/N Ratio: > 88 dB
Frequency range: 20 Hz ~ 43K Hz
Distortion: 0.6%

Dimension: 340 X 340 X 200 mm
Net Weight: 19 Kg / 41.8 lb

The HT-88 is a pure class A with tube regulated power supply tube amplifier, which produces 18 watt output continuous into 16/8/4 Ohms.  Equipped with Hyperion special designed transformer, the HT-88 is capable of producing the warmest music with high resolution sound stage reproduction.Special Features:

  1. Hyperion special designed transformer.
  2. 5Z4 as voltage regulators
  3. 12AU7 & KT 88 for power amplification.
  4. 100% point to point hand soldering with minimized soldering points.
  5. Single-ended operation – avoids the recombinant errors that arise in push/pull designs.
  6. Automatic biasing circuit for hassle free ownership.
  7. Low voltage, high current design for long tube life and good dynamic drive.
  8. Tube sockets are ceramic with silver plated pins.
  9. Non-magnetic aluminum chassis.